Jennifer Lopez's Latest Manicure: Glazed Donut Meets Fairy Dust

Jennifer Lopez's Latest Manicure: Glazed Donut Meets Fairy Dust

I know, I know — only yesterday, it seemed like the glazed donut nail moment might be over because the queen of the trend, Hailey Bieber, was seen wearing a non-frosty manicure. But if Jennifer Lopez says it's not over, it's definitely not over — and she said exactly that without saying a word at the Air premiere on Monday.

J.Lo accompanied husband Ben Affleck on the red carpet to celebrate his new film, Air, which he both directed and stars in. But as is often the case, Lopez easily stole the spotlight with her gorgeous look: a French twist with perfect face-framing tendrils, softly smoky makeup, lots of diamonds, and a stunning dress that switches from a colorless, crystal-covered bodice to a full-length highlighter-yellow skirt.

If you're wondering, "Hmmm, what kind of manicure would look great with a bedazzled neon gown?" then Lopez's go-to nail artist Tom Bachik has the answer you seek. He calls them "micro French fantasy" nails, but dare we say it — they're a new take on glazed donut nails. The manicure features the trend's unmistakeable frosty look but reimagines it in a low-contrast, subtly iridescent French manicure.

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The result has a very ethereal feel, and Bachik clearly recognizes that — check out the cute little fairy emoji in the caption. We'd argue this breathes new life — and a little fairy dust — into the glazed donut nail trend.

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