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Using cookies

Date of last changes: 22 may 2023

A cookie is a text file or files containing a small amount of information that is sent to a web browser and stored on a user's device. Such devices can include a computer, cell phone or other device with which the user visits the Site.

Cookies can be eternal (called permanent cookies) and are stored in the computer until the user deletes them, or temporary (such cookies are called session cookies), which means that they are stored only until the browser is closed. In addition, cookies are divided into primary cookies (they are set directly by the Site visited) and third-party cookies (set by other sites).


  • When a user visits the Site again, the cookie data is updated;
  • In most cases, the default web browser allows cookies to be automatically stored on the user's device;
  • disabling cookies may result in restricted access to published materials and/or incomplete functioning of Site services.

The Company cares about its users and tries to make their stay on the Site as comfortable as possible, and to do this, the Company needs to analyze user behavior, preferences and interests using cookies. Such analysis will help the Company improve the experience of interaction with the Site and determine the most convenient interface and navigation of the Service.

According to the classification of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Company uses the following categories of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies — are needed for the user to move around the web page and when using certain services, such as accessing secure pages, registration and authorization, performing searches on the Site. They also remember the user's previous actions when he or she goes to a previous page in the same session.
  • Operational cookies — Aggregate information about how the Site is used. This data is stored on the user's device between web browser sessions. Examples of such data can be the following metrics: time of stay on the Site, most frequently visited pages, understanding which sections and services of the Site were most interesting for the user, how effective this or that advertising and / or marketing campaign is, etc.
    All information collected through operational cookies is intended for statistical and analytical purposes. Some data of cookies may be provided to third parties that have permission from the web resource, and only for the above-mentioned purposes.
  • Functionality cookies — are used to store settings or configurations that are stored on the user's device between browsing sessions. Examples of such metrics are username, profile picture, comment information, site language, location, whether the user has been previously provided with any information or selected benefits, and other Site settings.
    These cookies also allow users to watch videos, participate in interactives (polls, voting ) and interact with social networks.
    In order to make the experience after visiting the site more pleasant, these cookies remember the information provided by the user, increasing the effectiveness of the interaction with the Site.
    Some cookie data may be provided to third parties that have the permission of the web resource, and only for the above-mentioned purposes.
  • Target cookies — used to provide content that may be of interest to the user. This data is stored on the user's device between web browser sessions. Examples of such data include the following metrics: tracking recommended text, graphics, audio and video content to avoid repetition, managing targeted advertisements, evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, information about a user's visit to other resources during transitions, and other Site customization options.
    The Site may share this information with other parties, including media clients, advertisers, agencies, and allied business partners, in order for them to provide quality targeted advertising.

Cookies from third-party services and analytics services

For prompt delivery, better display and detailed analysis of content on the Site, the Company uses services that are owned by other third-party companies, such companies may use cookies on the user's device, while on the Site.

Please note that the Site has no control over the cookies used by these services. All necessary information about their use can be found by visiting the appropriate resource.

Analytical cookies

We may use cookies to improve our websites by collecting information about how many visitors we have, where visitors came to the site from, and how they use the site (e.g., most frequently visited pages). To do this, we may use the following vendors' analytics tools and related cookies:

  • Google Analytics Terms of Use — https://policies.google.com/terms?hl=en . As part of its Analytics service, Google places cookies on our website. We use this service to monitor and report on how visitors use the website. Google may only disclose this information to third parties where there is a legal authority to do so or where those third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no control over this. We authorize Google to use the information collected through Google Analytics for other Google services. The information that Google collects is as anonymous as possible. We want to emphasize that your IP address is not shared. The information is sent to the United States, where Google stores it on its servers. Your data is protected by standard contractual clauses that are part of the Google Ads data processing terms between us and Google LLC. This means that Google matches integrity with (personal) data and there is an appropriate and appropriate level of protection for the processing of (personal) data.
  • Privacy Policy of TNS Ukraine service is set out on the page https://ua.redtram.com/agreement/
  • Google Tag Manager service policy — https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Advertising cookies are used to manage advertising materials on the website. Advertising cookies are placed by third parties, such as advertisers and their agents. They may be either permanent or temporary. Thus, these cookies are associated with advertising on the site provided by third-party companies.

Below is a list of companies for which we may set advertising cookies:

DoubleClick for Publishers is an advertising campaign and inventory management tool. It is used for online advertising sales, scheduling, display and analysis.

The Admixer is a buyer of inventory according to its rendition criteria.

Your rights

You have a right to access your data and to have it corrected or deleted. For more information about this, go to https://tns-ua.com/konfidentsialnost TNS Privacy and Data Protection Policy. To prevent misuse, we may ask you to provide accurate identification documents. If it concerns access to personal information associated with cookies, send a copy of the relevant cookies. You can find cookies in your browser settings.

Cookie management:

The major web browsers (listed below) are set to automatically accept cookies. To disable them, use your browser's help function. Help can be accessed through the menu or by pressing the F1 key.

Microsoft Edge — https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement

Mozilla Firefox — https://www.mozilla.org/en/privacy/websites/#cookies

Google Chrome — Google Chrome — https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=pl

Opera — https://help.opera.com/Windows/11.50/en/cookies.html

Safari — https://support.apple.com/kb/PH21411?locale=en_US


  • The configuration of cookie settings for web browsers on mobile devices may be different;
  • Please be reminded that the full functionality of the Site is only available through the use of cookies;
  • disabling cookies may result in restricted access to the content and incomplete functioning of the Site services.

If the user does not enable cookies or intentionally deletes all cookies from his or her web browser, the user will be prompted to re-enable and use cookies when he or she visits the Site again.

User information gathered through the use of cookies is not sold or distributed publicly and is the property of the company that owns the resource.

Deleting tracking cookies placed by third parties

Some tracking cookies placed by third parties show you advertisements, sometimes through our website. You can centrally delete these cookies through. Your Choices Online so that the third party does not place them on the website. See: Your Choices on the Web: A Guide to Behavioral Advertising on the Web