I Never Thought I'd See Mariah Carey With Jet-Black Hair, But Here We Are


I Never Thought I'd See Mariah Carey With Jet-Black Hair, But Here We Are

Many call Mariah Carey the "queen of Christmas," and while she's graced our Instagram feeds, numerous album covers, and award show red carpets with her signature caramel blonde curls since the '90s, her latest spooky cameo brought out the grunge side of the singer with a jet-black hair color.

On November 1, Carey made it crystal clear that #MariahSZN is in full effect with an Instagram reel that begins with the wind blowing through her raven wig that is topped by a ruched witch hat. Hairstylist Danielle Priano gave Carey a gothic side-bang fringe for Halloween, right before the video's backdrop transitioned into a field of snowflakes as Carey sang a remarkably high-pitched, "It's time," while her famous Christmas song played.

Priano enlisted wigmaker Noah Scott, founder of What Wigs and the artist behind Hailey Bieber's recent Versace Vampire Halloween hairstyle, to create Carey's spooky look. The jet-black wig fell to about waist length, and although the texture of the wig was silky and straight, Priano made the ends tousled. Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle added even more emphasis to the villainous character with a faint black beauty mark, arched eyebrows, and dramatic eyeliner wings. Not to mention Carey's bold black lip and hollow, contoured cheeks.

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To finish off the reel, Carey brought us back to the reason she's known as the Queen of Christmas. Priano kept the deep side-part style alive but switched up the grunge black hair to soft, honey-blonde waves.

With Christmas gear and all, she left her 11.2 million Instagram followers fawning over both looks in the comment section saying, "We're ready" for whatever Ms. Carey has in store.

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