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Oversized Blazers - Oversized Blazers for Women


Oversized Blazers - Oversized Blazers for Women

The oversized blazer entered the scene stage left from runways like Balenciaga, Khaite, and The Row, but the initial time it took our eyes to adjust to these fresh proportions has long since passed. And now, the oversized blazer has found its way into the realm of staples. Dāl the Label, which launched earlier this year, started with an edited offering, including—you guessed it—an oversized blazer. Founder Dana Mortada tells BAZAAR.com, “A blazer is one of the most transcendent pieces a woman can own. Our dāl signature blazer was inspired by the nostalgic big ’80s blazer but with a little more structure.” Overall, the strong-shouldered, voluminous styles first seen on the catwalk may have felt referential to the ’80s as well, but the silhouette has evolved to a place that is purely modern. It’s less about the glamour of that era and more about a new approach to tailoring that’s far more influenced by menswear. For her own designs, Mortada says, “We wanted you to feel a little more comfortable with extra room and to pair it with literally anything you own, whether it be shorts, a T-shirt, bodysuit, or a summer dress.” Ahead, shop multiple versions of the oversized jacket, from neutrals to plaids to every good black blazer in between. The trick to styling is all about proportions. Try yours with a miniskirt and loafers or leggings and heels. If you love a baggy jean, by all means, go big all around—just make sure to wear a fitted tee and tank underneath. This isn’t about hiding after all, it’s about taking up all the space.
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