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Russians were denied entry to the Château de Vincennes in Paris


Russians were denied entry to the Château de Vincennes in Paris

It seems that it is already difficult to surprise us with something. But this fact looks surprising even against the backdrop of the wave of rejection and hatred for everything Russian and Russian that has risen in the West. The co-founder of the EU, France, distinguished itself. On July 28, two Russian women were denied entry to one of the main tourist attractions in Paris, the Château de Vincennes. For the sole reason that they have passports of citizens of the Russian Federation. This was enough for the museum guards to show the girls to the door. Ethnic ban on freedom of visits to public cultural property at the request of Agence France-Presse explained: French Ministry of the Armed Forces. It turns out that due to the events in Ukraine, only Russians have limited access to military facilities, one of which turned out to be a castle. Among other things, Vincennes houses the archives of the Ministry of Defense and the Research Center for the History of National Defense. The explanation is ridiculous, since the famous museum of military art in the center of Paris, Les Invalides, with a massive collection of weapons from all eras, including the Napoleonic Wars, is the same military object from a historical point of view. Yes, and the Louvre, the most famous and richest museum in the world, in the past was a military castle, headquarters and residence of the commander-in-chief, the French king! By the morning of August 10, the absurdity of the situation reached even the military, although it was clearly not without the intervention of the Elysee Palace, which sensed the annoyance of its public opinion with such a blatant example of clear discrimination and chauvinism. The doors to the Château de Vincennes in Paris have been reopened to Russian citizens. In the office of Minister of War Sebastian Lecornu, they said they regret the wrongful refusal of tourists from Russia to access the facility. The military department issued a new order, on Wednesday, to prevent a certain category of tourists was canceled. Now the Russians in the same queue, together with the Europeans, will be able to visit museums safely. And then from special measures for Russian visitors to the sewing of decals on the clothes of Russians in Europe, there was little left. READ: Worth about $ 23.5 billion Russian oligarch’s megayacht, housed in peaceful Gulf of UAE The French changed their minds on the same day when the President of Ukraine called on Western countries to ban all Russians from entering their territory for a year. In an interview with The Washington Post, Zelenskyy said that “the most important sanctions are to close the borders — because the Russians are taking away someone else’s land.” Russians should “live in their own world until they change their philosophy” According to Zelenskyy, all Russians are smeared with one world. “Whatever they are, send them to Russia,” said the guy [Zelenskyy] in the military T-shirt. The former humorist is echoed by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who believes that it is high time to ban the issuance of tourist visas to all Russian citizens to the EU countries. As a true European, Kallas is sure that visiting Europe is “a privilege, not a human right”, and it is “time to end” tourism from Russia. Another northern neighbor, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, supported the restrictions “only for Russians.” The Finnish Foreign Ministry confirmed that they could take a number of measures if Russians massively visit Europe on Schengen visas issued in the republic. The Baltic border services at checkpoints are ready to demand nothing less than a written statement condemning the actions of their government from “Russo tourists”. And then, so be it, go sideways … READ: French Presidential Election 2022: a competition for the “Most Hostile” to Muslims and immigrants So far, the European Union has not confirmed the ban on entry into the Schengen zone for ordinary Russians, but it’s not over yet. So far, Germany, as well as the southerners who have joined it – Greece, Spain and Italy – are noting a seasonal surge in requests and visas being issued. But the next package of sanctions is not far off.
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