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90% of trade industry of Ukraine resumed work � research


90% of trade industry of Ukraine resumed work � research

What happened? Since the beginning of the war, 9.3% of trade facilities/stores throughout Ukraine remain closed. Source. This is evidenced by the research data of the Association of Retailers. Details. According to the survey, 14,892 retail outlets are currently operating, which is 90.7% of those operating in the pre-war period, when the total number of retail outlets was 16,415. Accordingly, there are currently 9.3% of closed facilities. This is 3% less than three months ago, but compared to March, when almost a third of outlets (29%) did not work, the dynamics of recovery was +20.1%. It is noted that the positive trend for recovery began in April 2022 and continues to this day, although now this process is much slower: As of the end of November 2022, the least restored spheres are jewelry trade (69% of outlets are currently operating, compared to the pre-war level), trade in household appliances and electronics (83% of operating outlets), and building materials (83% of stores are open).
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