The 12 best wine racks to buy now

The 12 best wine racks to buy now

Red, white or rosé? Still or sparkling? Whatever your tipple, it’s important to store your wine suitably to keep them tasting tip-top. A temperature-controlled wine fridge or bespoke cellar isn’t an option for everyone; a smart wine rack is the next best thing — and a perfectly appropriate solution for keeping your everyday wine.

It’s advised that you store your bottles horizontally so that the corks stay in contact with the wine, keeping the cork from drying out and causing oxidation. Where possible, avoid high and low temperatures, and any place where the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, such as a kitchen or garden shed.

Bert Blaize, a sommelier and the co-author of Which Wine When (Ebury, £12.99), recommends keeping wine somewhere dark, where there

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