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I Swear There's Actual Water Inside Megan Thee Stallion's Deep-Sea Manicure


I Swear There's Actual Water Inside Megan Thee Stallion's Deep-Sea Manicure

Megan Thee Stallion sent the internet into a frenzy on September 17 after posting a photo of herself lying on the floor with her very famous derriere in her boyfriend's lap while he plays video games. Folks couldn't decide if they were more jealous of the duo's relationship or just Meg's beau, Pardison Fontaine, for being blessed with Thee Stallion (I'm part of the latter group). For obvious reasons, that photo overshadowed the other nine pictures in the Instagram dump she posted. Of course, there are more of the couple looking adorable together and a few of just Thee Stallion alone. But the one picture we can't believe we missed shows the Houston rapper's manicure inspired by the vibrant colors of the sea. The prismatic nails in question, which were created by Thee Stallion's nail artist, Coca Michelle, can be seen on the fourth slide of the carousel. Michelle mixed bright blue, green, and orange hues into the transparent base of the lipstick-shaped nails. You can see some spots where the nails were mostly transparent if you look closely. The blue and green jelly blobs on each nail looked almost like water straight from the sea in the midst of the orange hue. As a final touch, Michelle gave these long nails a dusting of glitter for a shimmery finish. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Though that was the only official nailfie posted, we couldn't help but notice the manicure in the second picture because it may be one of the shortest manicures we have ever seen on her. A Megan manicure is usually long and lipstick-shaped, so seeing her with oval-shaped nails that weren't even a half-inch long was pretty shocking. It's hard to get a good view of the short nails as the photo was a mirror selfie of her and her boyfriend, but it makes us wonder if we will be seeing shorter styles anytime soon. Regardless of the length, one thing we do know is that her next manicure will be just as amazing as the last. Read more stories about nail art: Now enjoy this cosmetic surgeon's daily routine from the moment she wakes up: Don't forget to follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter.
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