20 Best Chunky Loafers 2023: Lug Sole Chunky Loafers to Shop


20 Best Chunky Loafers 2023: Lug Sole Chunky Loafers to Shop

Loafers are inherently an oxymoron. Their name exudes the essence of an idler and slacker, but women’s loafers themselves are quite the opposite. They’re shoes for someone sophisticated and practical, someone who gets the job done. The best chunky loafers take this concept one step further, commanding attention with pumped-up soles and a hint of extra poise. It’s the best version of a loafer, and it will bring out the best version of you.

Maybe that’s dramatic, but the best chunky loafers do emit confidence. Lug soles toughen up the classic shoe style across brands; from there, you can select a pair with a color, heel height, or special detail that makes them yours. Choose a Jimmy Choo embellished platform for a little boost of glamour or opt for a heeled Tod’s pair to wear with laid-back winter dresses. Stylist Yael Quint says chunky loafers are foolproof “with a Miu Miu–inspired look such as miniskirts or minidresses.” She adds that versatility is one of their best qualities: They “can go from day to evening quite well,” Quint says. There’s really nothing a chunky loafer can’t do.

We could go on and on about how much we love these shoes, but instead, we’ll let you see for yourself. Shop the 20 best chunky loafers below so you can stomp into 2023 in style.

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