15 Best Straight-Leg Jeans of 2022: Versatile & Stylish Straight-Leg Jeans


15 Best Straight-Leg Jeans of 2022: Versatile & Stylish Straight-Leg Jeans

Whichever way the denim trend pendulum happens to swing—from baggy to wide-leg to the very controversial low-rise —the best straight-leg jeans are still "in" now and always will be. What other version of everyday jeans has been as universally beloved since the '90s by editors, celebrities, and generally stylish people? Exactly. It's a list with one bullet point.

Straight-leg jeans have always had a clean, minimal shape immune to overthinking or overstyling. That's not to say the silhouette can't evolve with the times. Today's best straight-leg jeans come in darker washes and eco-friendlier fabrications. At top-rated brands, including Agolde, DL1961, and Madewell, the higher waistbands rise above the rest. "My denim obsession this fall is ultra high-waisted straight leg jeans," BAZAAR deputy fashion news editor and resident denim expert Alison Cohn says. "The silhouette is slim cut—but not skinny—so the leg openings are wide enough to accommodate ankle boots."

It's not just boots that straight-leg jeans can complement. They're also a dream with satin slipper mules, laid-back sneakers, and trending Mary Janes. When a jean is this versatile, you actually can wear it with anything. Shop our 15 favorite pairs of straight-leg jeans below now, from stylist-endorsed luxury pairs to the best jeans on Amazon, and wear them forever.

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