40 Best Gifts for Travelers That Make Globetrotting Easy in 2022


40 Best Gifts for Travelers That Make Globetrotting Easy in 2022

Her flights are booked and her itinerary is printed out. Now all you have to do is make the jet-setting life a little bit easier for her. For anyone who has taken their fair share of long bus rides, multi-day car trips, and sleepless red-eyes, the little things can make all the difference. The best gifts for travelers make any journey more enjoyable, but also help her to make the most of whatever destination she’s headed toward—from just a few cities away to across the world.

This year, surprise your partner, sister, mom, or BFF with thoughtful gifts that will help her to celebrate and continue her favorite pastime: getting out there. For the woman headed to explore a new city or to lounge by a beach, margarita in hand, you can ensure that she’s relaxed, well-dressed, and armed with the right accessories for the upcoming trip. For the backpacker or camper, there is gear to make sleeping under a star almost as nice as a night in a hotel (we said almost). And, for the woman who does it all, it's safe to say you’ll have plenty of ideas. These items will serve as luxe upgrades to her worn-out travel gear, or even help fill in holes in her collection. While any one of these gifts is a worthy treat for someone who is always on the go, might we also suggest perhaps presenting her with a trip too, just so she can test out all her best designer luggage or cozy plane outfit.

Ahead, 40 gifts for travelers that any woman will be glad to have with her, no matter where she’s headed or how.

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