27 Best Fashion Gifts to Give in 2022 According to BAZAAR Editors


27 Best Fashion Gifts to Give in 2022 According to BAZAAR Editors

I always look forward to asking BAZAAR editors for their most-wanted fashion gifts—genuinely. The team spends all year absorbing fashion week runways while making mental notes of what we'd want and how we'd wear it. Then, when it's finally time to start thinking about the best luxury gifts to get and give (FYI: that's now), we can whip out our fantasy wish list before anyone can say, "Would you like it gift wrapped?"

This year, our editors are coveting two types of holiday gifts. In one camp, there are indulgent upgrades to forever pieces like black leather boots, cozy wool coats, and luxury watches: gifts no one will worry about actually using (and loving). In the other, there are luxury pieces that aren't exactly practical; they're more like little treasures we'll cherish for eternity, like a crystal-coated Prada handbag. Some of the best fashion gifts aren't necessarily clothing, either: one editor has her eye on Dior's expansive perfume gift set, while another is crossing her fingers for a piece from Athena Calderone's buzzy Crate & Barrel collab.

See the rest of this year's best fashion gifts—and get inspired to give —with the list ahead.

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