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Winter 2022 Jewelry Trends - Best Necklace, Earring, Ring Trends


Winter 2022 Jewelry Trends - Best Necklace, Earring, Ring Trends

After two years of staying put, it’s no surprise that we’re feeling the collective itch to liven up our wardrobes as we head back out. And while you may first turn to the handbags you’ve bookmarked, a pair of wide-leg jeans you saved, or even a new pair of boots you’ve been eyeing, there’s one category that can probably use a refresh: your jewelry. “Jewelry has a longer life cycle than clothing or handbags,” says Marisa Hordern, the founder and creative director of Missoma, who designs pieces that are made to last through multiple seasons and trend cycles. That means many of winter 2022’s biggest jewelry trends aren’t entirely new: The floral motifs we saw throughout spring and summer have iterated for winter, too, while items with pearl or heart details might already be taking up real estate in your jewelry box. “I always consider what pieces are both timeless and trend driven when it comes to curating our jewelry selection to make sure our edit is memorable and can stand the test of time,” Shopbop’s fashion director, Caroline Maguire, says. “To do so, I make sure we incorporate pieces that evoke emotions, and the wearers’ sensibilities, along with being distinguishable and novel.” A few trends she’s most excited about? “My number one obsession this upcoming season is silver jewelry,” she says, calling it “absolutely stunning and timeless for winter.” Plus, “I’m particularly drawn to how brands are calling on design inspiration from the ’70s, debuting silver chains and retro hoops,” she says. Ahead, find the top winter 2022 jewelry trends to test-drive ASAP.
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