38 Essentials Taking BAZAAR Editors Through Fashion Week


38 Essentials Taking BAZAAR Editors Through Fashion Week

Each Fashion Week, I overhear the same line from industry peers: It's a marathon, not a sprint. There's truth to this bit of small talk, down to the outfits cataloged in our street style diaries. Athletes and fashion people need very specific gear to perform at their biggest events. But with the exception of a select few sneakers, what keeps us energized and in motion couldn't be more radically different.

Starting at New York Fashion Week and heading into London, Milan, and Paris, BAZAAR editors are arriving at the spring/summer 2023 shows with our best essentials in tow. Some items inevitably work their way into our street style each season, like a spacious but aesthetically pleasing handbag and a heavy-duty portable charger to slot inside. Then there are the one-offs that feel necessary if only to capture this exact moment in style, from suede cowboy boots to midi bubble skirts. We're also proud participants in 2022's chino obsession, even for fashion month: Three of our editors are wearing some variation of khaki pants, and two are relying on the same exact pair.

These items may be our not-so-hidden gems for fashion month, but you'll also see them again in our regular-smegular work outfits. Here, luxury and practicality are one and the same. Read on for the 38 Fashion Week essentials we're wearing, carrying, and applying to take in all the shows—and that anyone on the go can use.

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