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Amira Rasool of The Folklore on 13 Things She Would Buy Again


Amira Rasool of The Folklore on 13 Things She Would Buy Again

Need some shopping inspiration? In Lucky 13, fashion tastemakers share the 13 items they love so much, they’d hit “Add to Cart” twice. Whatever your relationship with fashion—editor, stylist, publicist, general clotheshorse—the excitement of uncovering a new label never gets old (particularly if you found it first). Amira Rasool, founder and CEO of The Folklore, the leading platform for discovering and shopping luxury African and Black-owned brands, definitely agrees. “Over the years because of my job, I’ve done a lot of work searching for new brands. Some of my favorite brands have, like, 2K followers and no press, so if it wasn’t for my job, I would have most likely not had as diverse and unique of a wardrobe,” she tells BAZAAR.com. The joy of bringing designers into The Folklore’s fold goes beyond just filling up her closet. Rasool is in the special position of growing her business alongside every brand The Folklore works with; help and support go both ways. “I love seeing the brands that were once small, one- or two-people teams develop into powerful and industry-leading brands,” she says. Rasool dresses for the job in what she calls “subtle statement dressing” that’s equal parts comfort and proportion. Some days, her uniform is a wide-cut linen dress, other times a fitted crop top with wide-leg pants or a skirt. “I think that my style says that I care about how I present myself to the world and I like to be creative,” she explains, “but I’m not willing to let fashion prevent me from living my life to the fullest and in a manner that makes me comfortable.” Below, Rasool shares the Lucky 13 items that bring her style ethos to life. You’ll find at least one brand that’s new to you—and that you’ll want to know better.
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