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Blink and You'll Miss Kendall Jenner's New Cowboy Boot Tattoo


Blink and You'll Miss Kendall Jenner's New Cowboy Boot Tattoo

Yee-haw! Kendall Jenner is living the cowgirl life with her latest tattoo: the teeniest, cutest cowboy boot. Tattoo artist Kate of The Ghost Kat, who designed and inked the model and reality star's new addition, shared a picture of the minuscule body art, which is cleverly placed on Jenner's heel where a real cowboy boot would be. Kate also shared a photo of the inspiration, a perfectly worn-in classic cowboy boot. The tattoo is tiny, but it's no less intricate; despite its small size, it's beautifully detailed and looks like it could literally walk off Jenner's skin and into the sunset. (Fun aside: Kate is also responsible for Pete Davidson's now-infamous "My girl is a lawyer" tattoo.) Was Jenner inspired by her recent trip to Wyoming? The model was clearly loving the western vibes, as evidenced by a carousel of pictures she posted to Instagram. It looks like Jenner and her pal Harry Hudson went to the rodeo while visiting; in one pic, Jenner wears a "J'adore cowboys" tank with a denim mini, and in another, we see a rodeo cowboy hard at work astride his horse. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Jenner doesn't have many tattoos, but the body art she does have is small and delicate — likely in part because they're easy to cover up for modeling jobs. She's got a practically invisible white dot on her finger, matching broken heart tattoos with her bestie Hailey Bieber and a now-faded lip tattoo that read "Meow." The cowboy boot makes four, but you'll have to get your magnifying glass out to see it! Tiny tattoos continue to be a celebrity favorite. Jenner's pal Bella Hadid has many minuscule tattoos, as does Bieber. Jenner's little sister Kylie has their grandma MJ's name tattooed in red on her arm in her handwriting as a sentimental reminder of family love. If you're looking for body art inspiration, take a page from Jenner's book and think small for big impact. More Kendall Jenner vibes ahead Now, check out some seriously cute cuticle tattoos: Don't forget to follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter.
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