Runtime license

Edit: November 27, 2015

Runtime Agreement takes effect on the moment you start to use RedTram™ search engine, thereby accepting the terms of this agreement.

The Subject of the Runtime Agreement

RedTram™ search engine offers you its services on the terms which are the subject of the present Runtime Agreement (Agreement). The Agreement can be changed without any special notification. A new version of the Agreement takes effect after two days' interval from the moment of its imposition on our site if other conditions are not covered by the new version of the Agreement.

Description of services

RedTram™ provides users with an on-line Internet search of news on the theme the user is interested in. All currently existing services along with those that appear in the process of RedTram™ development are the subject of the present Agreement. You understand and agree that RedTram™ is not responsible for any delays, malfunctions or removal of user personal details. To use RedTram™ services you need a computer connected to the Internet. All the questions concerning the purchase of access rights to the Internet, buying and installation of necessary hardware and software are not covered by the Agreement and are solved by users independently.

User actions

You understand and agree that it is not RedTram™ but the author of the content who is responsible for all publicly available information, texts, software applications, music, photos, graphics, audio, video and other materials (i.e. content). You realize that using RedTram™ you may receive content that is offensive, unworthy, or controversial. You accept that RedTram™ is not obliged to look through the content before the user gets it via RedTram™ services. Moreover, RedTram™ has a right to delete or refuse to place any content open to RedTram™ users ad libitum. You agree to assess all risks connected with the use of the content, including evaluation of its reliability, completeness and utility.

Right to use RedTram™ services

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or resell, and also not to use any components of RedTram™ services for commercial purposes. The use of services or access to them is only possible in case of written permission granted to you by RedTram™.

You agree not to crack the technologies as well as decompile any codes of the software products that you download from RedTram™ and install them on your computer (mobile phone, PDA or other device).

The use of any RedTram™ software products is acceptable only if it was downloaded from our official site or if it was acquired on our branded media (CDs and so on).

News sources cooperation conditions

RedTram™ as a news search engine rebroadcasts only headlines, short descriptions of news and graphic illustrations, which are freely accessed in the Internet and also gives a mandatory link on the source of information. If a news source does not wish this information to be rebroadcast by RedTram™, our company should be notified of such a decision via e-mail or a feedback form on our site. Within three days after such a notification is received this source and all its news will be deleted from RedTram™ search engine.

Web links

RedTram services can contain links to other resources. You admit that RedTram™ is not liable for the availability or content of these resources and for any consequences of the use of such content.

RedTram™ ownership

You agree that RedTram™ services and all the necessary software programs related to RedTram™ contain confidential data protected by intellectual property laws and other international laws; the content you are provided with while using RedTram™ search engine is protected by copyright, trade marks and other appropriate laws. RedTram™ grants you a nonexclusive and nonnegotiable right to use the software delivered with the services under the condition, that you or other persons under the auspices of you will not copy or change software, create applications that are derivatives of software, penetrate in software in order to get software ciphers, sell, lease, transfer your acquired rights to use services software to third parties and also modify services to get unauthorized access to them.


You understand and agree that:

  1. You use RedTram™ services at your own risk. RedTram™ is not liable for the conformity between our services and your purposes;
  2. RedTram™ does not guarantee that: services will coincide with your demands and expectations and will be provided constantly, rapidly, reliably and without errors; all software errors will be fixed;
  3. RedTram™ is not liable for any damage caused to your computer or data after downloading the materials;
  4. RedTram™ is not responsible for the direct or indirect losses caused by the use of RedTram™ services or by a failure to use them;
  5. Any data or technical information used by RedTram™ to deliver its services or provide technical maintenance will not be a subject for disclosure or commercial use.

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