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We suggest you to publish the news informer on your website, which will indicate the most readable news based on the subject of your interest.

We will take care of your news line to be harmonized with your website and completely correspond to its design.

Today we are ready to offer you some types of informers to choose from, which have been already successfully operate with the websites of our partners. You can check the informer at its working mode by clicking on it.

To order news informer for your website, please, fill in a form below this page.

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News Popander

News popander – it is an informer that pops up under windows of the programs you use on the computer.

Advantages of an informer-popander:

  • Increases your website attendance for 1.2 times
  • Doesn't require it's separate location on the website for its placement
  • It opens up to the unique visitor only once a day
  • Opens up to the user once all windows are closed and no more in operation on the computer
  • Allows to choose topic of the news according to your website theme
  • Conformable to the design and style of your website
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To add source

If you are interested in playing paid RSS news stream on our website without taking a part in the Program of traffic exchange, please take the follow the steps. We will be glad for cooperation.

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If your Internet source provides the latest news or you would like to place such information on your site we will be glad to cooperate with you.

We are always ready to discuss your counter-offers.

Just tell us about them.

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