"Lukashenka Will Burn In Hell With Putin"


Lukashenka Will Burn In Hell With Putin

In an interview with the ZhVL Youtube project, Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Hordon criticized Lukashenka again:

"Lukashenka turned out to be a liar and a bastard. He is a liar, bastard and fascist. The same *****, as Putin. They are two twin-brothers. Hordes of these Russian orcs went to my native Kyiv, Chernihiv, from the territory of fraternal Belarus. I will never forget that, but I still love Belarusians, I have no problems with them. Our cities were bombed from the territory of Belarus, our people were killed. Therefore, Lukashenka will burn in hell, the will roll on spits there together with Putin," Hordon said.

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