11 Breezy Espadrilles to Wear All Summer Long


11 Breezy Espadrilles to Wear All Summer Long

There’s some contention around what summer’s definitive must-have shoe is: Some say it’s a comfortable slide, a few swear by a walkable heeled sandal, and others suggest it’s time to break out the statement platform. But what if we told you they’re all wrong? The definitive shoe of summer 2022 is actually the espadrille.

Made from jute or rope-like material from a plant, the espadrille dates back to 13th-century France and was later popularized in 1970 by Yves Saint Laurent, who worked with heritage label Castañer to design a heeled version of the traditional shoe. Centuries later, the warm-weather flatform has taken on several new forms, making it one of the most versatile summer shoes you can own.

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