15 Nordstrom Fall 2022 Editors' Picks - Items Worth Shopping


15 Nordstrom Fall 2022 Editors' Picks - Items Worth Shopping

Professional window-shopping is in my job description as a BAZAAR fashion editor. I spend hours online browsing the best of the best in the market—from fall dresses to wide-leg jeans to all kinds of cozy sweaters—and can't always order everything I lovingly pick out. This is the financially responsible way to work, but it can be hard to resist temptation when I find something particularly rare on sale or when a piece I loved on a runway finally lands in the New Arrivals section. All my spending restraint goes out the door when fall arrives: It’s my favorite season to dress for, between the layers, richer colors, and general coziness. So right now, I’m shopping for myself as much as everyone else.

I sensed that I’m not the only one ready for something new, so I asked BAZAAR editors for a peek at their fall wish lists at Nordstrom. In all my time working on shopping stories, I’ve found it to be the store with the most exciting designer new arrivals on top of some very good sales—and the fresh pieces catching our attention prove it. Here’s a sneak peek: Our fashion news director is about to go all in on a Dries Van Noten coat, complete with a plot twist in the pattern; our contributing fashion editor has uncovered schoolgirl-chic Prada platform loafers; and our culture editor is eyeing the Balenciaga bag that’s everywhere right now, in a shade that still feels unique. If you haven’t come down with a case of the shoppies this summer, our list will change that fast. Read on for the full list of irresistible fall items we’re this close to wearing.

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