If you represent one of news sites of the Internet and want your news to be accessible by the users of our portal, please perform several simple actions step by step:

1. Use the form given below to be sure that your source is not in the list of RedTram™ news sources:

Source format: example.com
Type in the numbers from the picture :

2. Please note, that pornographic information as well as information containing appeals to terrorist actions or other forms of violence and aggression is not published by our portal. Besides, to be included in our source list your source is to contain mostly "original" news and not borrowed from other sources. If your source offers restricted access to the news (e.g., for a certain fee), they must be in RSS format and indispensably contain a short description of each news item. RSS feed should meet the following requirements: The news in the feed should be in one language. The feed should not contain information concerning the functioning of the site or site news. The required tags are: title, link, category and description. The content of the feed should not contain swear words. The title of the news should not be duplicated in the description. The title and description should not contain date or other service information.

3. The process of sites considering and approving may take 1-7 days. Your Add Source request can be processed within 2 business days. If you decide to take advantage of this offer check the “Express” option in the form below and we will send you the terms of payment. This service will cost you €30. As soon as the payment is made we guarantee that your site will be considered and included in the base within two business days, if approved by the moderator.

4. Fill in the registration form below and submit it to us.

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5. Wait for the reply of the moderator who will get acquainted with your site and specify the way of our cooperation.

Note: Site administration has a right to ban any RSS feed in our system.