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If you are interested in playing paid RSS news stream on our website without taking a part in the Program of traffic exchange, please take the follow the steps. We will be glad for cooperation:

  1. Please make sure that your source is not listed in any of RedTram™ news sources, using the following form:

  2. Please, take into account that for participation in our project, your source has to contain "original" news and not reprinted from other sources. If your source offers paid access to the news, it should be provided in the RSS format and it is obligatory that it contains a short summary for every news.

    The RSS news stream has to meet the following requirements:

    • The news in the feed should be in one language.
    • The RSS stream shouldn't contain news from the website.
    • Obligatory tags are: title, link, category and description.
    • The stream content shouldn't contain inappropriate language.
    • News heading shouldn't be duplicated in a preamble.
    • Headings and preambles shouldn't contain date or other office information.
  3. The process of consideration and connection of the websites can take from 1 to 7 days.

  4. Complete a registration form and send it to us.

  5. Wait for the answer from moderator who will be in charge of examining your resource and will make the decision concerning our cooperation.
    Note: The administration of the website reserves the rights at any time to remove RSS stream from our system. In order to become the partner of RedTram, follow the registration steps.

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If your Internet source provides the latest news or you would like to place such information on your site we will be glad to cooperate with you.

We are always ready to discuss your counter-offers.

Just tell us about them.

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