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Apple looks ahead with the new MacBook Pro


My MacBook Pro is on its last legs. The anti-glare laminate began bubbling up some time ago, spreading across the screen like an untreatable rash, fogging up the webcam in the process. The hinge is loose, so the screen shakes when someone walks by. The l

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Canadian energy firms at risk from cyber, bomb attacks: CSIS

Canada's main spy agency last year warned energy companies about an increasing risk of cyber espionage and attacks on...


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Linux in 2016 catches up to Solaris from 2004 Veteran dev says timed sampling's arrival

In 2004 former Reg hack Ashlee Vance brought us news of DTrace, a handy addition to Solaris 10 that “gives...


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DNA-testing smartphone aims to tackle drugs resistance

A smartphone attachment that analyses DNA could help improve cancer...


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BMW M3 (E90): Spotted

Is it too soon to be throwing out the 'future classic' card?