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'Stolen valour': Sajjan faces calls to resign in wake of Afghanistan battle claim


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Harjit Sajjan has his "full confidence" amid a growing controversy over the defence minister's exaggerated claim he was the "architect" of a major assault on the Taliban in 2006. Sajjan is facing tough questions in the

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Human Rights Watch Slams Hamas Over Israelis Held in Gaza

Human Rights Watch is calling Hamas' detention of two Israeli citizens with a history of mental illness "cruel and...


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Dina Oyun to speak Tuvan in Habitat3 Conference (Quito, Ecuador)

More than 60 mayors from around the world have joined forces to...


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Ahrar Ash-Sham Military Group May Take Part in Astana Talks on Syria - Official

Representatives of Ahrar ash-Sham military group are likely to be...